WinORS Top Ten
  1. WinORSfx application integration by discipline. Example: not only does the portfolio spreadsheet price international equities, mutual funds, and options, but this spreadsheet integrates with the efficient set analysis and the back-testing of optimal futures-based hedge determination.
  2. WinORSfx application integration across discipline. Example: the capital budgeting application produces unique cash flows for each student user thereby producing a unique ranking interpretation for each user.  But, additionally, a zero-one constrained optimization problem is set-up and ready for additional policy constraints. Students are better able to compare simple ranking budget portfolios versus those constructed under dependency constraints.
  3. Report and Homework Module: WinORSfx has a tight integration with Microsoft Word for the automatic generation of reports from solved applications.  Students spend time on their analyses - not on formatting and printing. Faculty received professionally produced documents. WinORSfx is a perfect add-on to maximize your Microsoft Office preparation.
  4. Diagnostic Graphics for all major applications. Diagnostic graphs are pre-programmed graphs.  Each major application can benefit by graphical output. WinORSfx produces all traditional graphs for you!  For example, if you just completed a killer financial statement analysis, the why not produce the area, bar, and pie charts that are available by a mouse click?
  5. Drill-down 3-D Graphic support. Whether it is an options simulation, a neural network simulation, or an equity portfolio where you wish to view the relationship of beta, market capitalization, and portfolio weight, WinORSfx has a 3-D view for you.
  6. Real-Time external data. WinORSfx supports a growing number of data vendors.  As such, the data you import into WinORSfx is current data.  Students are not working on hypothetical historical data. Instead, WinORSfx hosted classes work with today’s current events!
  7. Data time-series matching. Have you ever tried to import data from different Internet sites and then align that data so that the time periods match? Well, you know the problems: missing observations, different date formats, and erroneous entries. WinORSfx takes the sting out of this process. WinORSfx features a set of routines to time-balance your data while also flagging outliers.
  8. Data transformations are built in. Consider this scenario.  You are teaching a course in managerial economics.  You would like your students to estimate both a linear-additive and a multiplicative demand function.  But, you do not want to burdent the class with data transformation issues. WinORSfx makes this process a simple menu choice.
  9. Academic research support. WinORSfx is an academic tool.  While many of its functions are geared to the teaching function, WinORSfx its main application routines offer competitive support for research analysis. For example, contemporary research has shown the radial basis function artificial neural network to be a superior learning method in both time-series and classification applications.
  10. Professionalism. WinORSfx is designed to help both you and your students achieve new and unque levels of professionalism. In today’s more competitive empolyment markets, we each desire to be well-trained with documentation to support a given level of training.  Using WinORSfx for analysis and report writing helps you and your students to meet this goal.

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