URI MF 2005

FIN 428, Mutual Fund Management
Spring Semester, 2005

New! This is the inaugural version of the Mutual Fund Management class.  The following links allow all to observe our efforts to develop a knowledge of the mutual fund management industry.

Student Designed
Equity Mutual Funds

Student Designed
Bond Mutual Funds

Large Cap Value Fund

Big Apple Bonds

Aggressor Fund

NVT Municipal Bond Fund

Alliance Fund

Four Guys Bond Fund

Dynamite Fund

Horizon Corporate Bond Fund

Energy Fund

Intellifund Bond MF

Four Guys Fund

James Bond Fund


Midas Bond Fund

Midas Small Cap Growth Fund

Shock Bond Fund

Pinnacle Fund

Smooth Sailing Bond Fund


Team America Bond Fund

Rocks Stocks

Yankee Bond Fund

Shock Fund


Sven Equity Fund


Team America Fund



Spring Semester 2005

URI CBA Financial Engineering Club

John Forman


ISIDA in Trading Room

Italian Students / ISIDA


Dr. Gordon H Dash Jr.

The papers listed in the table are PDF copies of the unedited and ungraded  reports submitted by students enrolled in the inaugural FIN 428 class.  The reports are provided in a semi-secure format for review purposes only.  Graded comments are only available to the submitting student group.

Under the Guidance of: Dr. Gordon H. Dash , Jr

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