URI MF 2006

Student Designed
Equity Mutual Funds

Student Designed
Bond Mutual Funds

Mighty Mouse Fund

Mighty Mouse Bond Fund

The Bullish Behavior Fund

Bald Eagle Muni Bond Fund

Earn M. Money Fund

SMACK Corporate Bond Fund

Campus Mid-Cap Fund

RIALPHA Corporate Bond MF

Big Papi Growth Fund

Northeast Bond Mutual Fund

Daddy Long Legs Fund

OceanSide Bond Mutual Fund

B.A.K.K.Growth Fund

Dynamo Investors Fund

Holy Comolli Fund

The Prestige Bond Fund

Dynamo Investors Fund

Earn M. Money T-Bond Fund

SMACK Growth Fund

The Granite Fund

Strategic Alliance Fund

National Treasure Bond MF


The links to the left will permit you to view the work of students who have worked to learn and appreciate the required skills of building and maintaining mutual fund portfolios.

Please feel free to browse; however please know that these reports are raw documents. That is, for privacy concerns, comments made by the course instructor are not shown.

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