Privacy Policy

The Dash Global Academic Forum (Dash, Dash Web Site, GHDash Web Site or Dash's) is committed to your privacy. This policy sets out the privacy practices for the entire Dash web site.

The Dash Guarantee

Dash will never willfully disclose information that identifies an individual customer to any third party without first obtaining that customer's permission.

Information Gathered and Its Use

All information is gathered for the purpose of allowing us to offer quality online content and other services to our visitors.

Dash may occasionally ask that you provide us with information such as:

  1. Identifying information such as your name, street address or email address - This information is used to allow us to offer you specialized services such as a personalized stock portfolio, subscriptions to PC-based software or email services. You never have to answer these questions, although this may limit what services are available to you.
  2. General demographic information such as interests, age or income group (for example, as in our ongoing "user survey") - This information is used to assist us in improving our web site and to provide advertisers with a description of our online audience. No information that identifies an individual customer is collected for these purposes.
  3. Your comments - All users have a standing invitation to provide us with their comments about our web site. This information is used exclusively for the purpose of assisting us to improve our services. If you do choose to provide us with your name or email address, it is not shared by us; you at all times have the option of providing comments anonymously.

Dash never sends email to visitors except with their permission. For visitors who subscribe to regular email services, such as announcements, we will always include instructions (in each message) on how to un-subscribe from all future emails.

The Visitor is in Control

Control over communications directed to you is placed entirely in your hands. When Dash collects name and address information about you:

  1. You can tell us if you do not wish to receive communications from Dash, such as email newsletters announcing new features;
  2. You can tell us if you do not wish to receive communications from third party companies that offer products or services Dash thinks may be of value to you;
  3. You can always decline to provide the personal information.


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