EWG-ORD 2019 Workshop

A Satellite Event of EURO 2019

    Workshop date changed to June 20th, 2019

Our Mission

2019 Workshop

Topic Areas

EURO Working Group on Operational Research for Development (EWG-ORD) was established in 2006. Its aim is to promote and facilitate communication links among European and other researchers working in areas of operational research for development. EWG-ORD has organized yearly workshops to promote the importance of operational research in improving the lives of people in developing and developed countries.

The EWG-ORD 2019 Workshop continues the 2018 forum for debate and exchange of knowledge and experiences towards the achievement of the United Nation’s 2016 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the application of OR. In 2019, the Workshop  delves deeper into renewable energy, health, and well-being, but we welcome all topics on sustainability.   




M. Teresa Ortuño, Doctor in Operational Research and Graduate in Mathematics for the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), is currently a Permanent Professor in the Statistics and Operational Research Department (Mathematical Science School), UCM. She is part of the research group HUMLOG (Decision Aid Models for Logistics and Disaster Management-HUManitarian LOGistics) at the Complutense University.  Author of more than 40 research papers, she has worked in the following fields: Reliability and Simulation Systems, Integer and Stochastic Programming, Production Planning, Combinatorial Optimization, Logistics. Prof. Ortuño's current scientific work is centred on the field of Humanitarian Logistics and green technologies.