Written communication is one of the foundation requirements of the finance curriculum. The University of Rhode Island supports a recognized writing program that emphasizes writing as a process: In Professor Dash’s classes writing is not simply a way of communicating already formulated or preconceived thoughts.  Professor Dash teaching pedagogy emphasizes analytical applications along with the use of real-time and high-frequency financial data as a way of teaching students how to discover, explore and develop new ideas in a contemporary setting. On their way to completing a research presentation, students go through the recursive processes of researching, drafting, and revising; at all stages the production of a competitive assignment requires the student to engage in critical thinking.

Professor Dash’s classes are writing intensive.  As such, students are able to:

  • Analyze and synthesize topic content
  • Make reasoned, well-organized arguments with introduction, statement of hypothesis, supporting evidence and appropriate conclusions
  • Use credible evidence including real-time data
  • Produce writing that employs the organization techniques, formats and contemporary genres (print and digital)
  • Produce reports that demonstrate proficiency in standard American English, including correct grammar, syntax, sentence structure, word choice and punctuation

NOTE: All materials presented here belong exclusively to the authors, College of Business Administration, or the University of Rhode Island.  Do not quote, use, or otherwise incorporate the displayed material without prior written consent from Dr. G. H. Dash.  Unauthorized use of this material by students (at URI or elsewhere) is a form of plagiarism.   Please refer to Dr. Dash's homepage for contact information.

MBA 555/570 (FIN 660) Managerial Economics (M.B.A.)

The Archive of Selected Student Term Projects

The Archive of Student Case Reviews  (short and long)

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Example #2
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Example #4

Student Comments

BUS 421 (FIN 420), Speculative Markets (Senior- and Graduate-level)

The Archive of Selected Student Projects

Student Comments

FIN 430X, Valuation and Trading of Global Currencies (Senior- and Graduate-level)

The Archive of Selected Student Projects

BUS 426 (FIN 433), Bank Financial Management

The Archive of Selected Student Projects




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