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Excel Related

Stock Data and Basic Beta Computation

WinORS Related

Bond Portfolio Related

How to Download Historical Stock Price Data into Excel from Yahoo!
How to Sort and Compute Period Returns ヨ from a Yahoo stock price download

How to Construct a Bond Portfolio in WinORS
How to Auto Generate a Bond Portfolio Report in WinORS

Computing and Charting Stock Returns and Stock Price Volatility

How to Create Log Returns and Volatility Measure
How To Chart Rolling Volatility vs Stock Price
How To Create a Chart of Stock Volume vs Market Volume
How to compute Beta and Vasicek Adjusted Beta in Excel from Yahoo data

Importing and Cleaning Market Data

How To Import Market Data into WinORS
How To Replace Missing Data and Set Variable Types for Imported Data

Equity Hedge Fund Portfolio & Related

Create a Basic MWord Document from Excel with Charts

How to Create a Basic MWord Document from an Excel Spreadsheet with Charts

How to Create an Equity Portfolio by a Random Selection of Stocks
How to Sort an Equity / Hedge Portfolio by Ticker Symbol
How to Update Stock Prices for all Tickers in an Equity / Hedge Portfolio
How to Insert a Portfolio Insurance Tab
Futures Hedge on Equity Portfolio with Append to WriteORS Document
How to Append New WinORS Reports to an Existing WriteORS Document
How to Solve for a Markowitz and Sharpe (w/Vasicek Beta) Efficient Set

Efficient Set Methods - Basic & Advanced

Basic Efficient Set Creation for an Equity Portfolio on Tab A
How to Create a Constrained Efficient Set from the Markowitz Model

Regression Analysis and Related

Basic Stepwise with OLS Regression Follow-up
How to Add Seasonal Dummy Variables
How to Take the Natural Log (Ln) of data cells excluding Column with a G

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